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Demonstrate the sustainability of farming operations with the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) program.

Agriculture Field

Used for self-assessment and third-party verification, the FSA program – devised by the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) – demonstrates sustainable farming based on a farm checklist. The FSA farm checklist focuses on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and follows the three pillars of sustainability:

  • People
  • Planet
  • Profit

A company within the supply chain that has set up a “Farm Management Group” can be verified against the FSA program. They can then partly or entirely claim their products to be SAI Bronze, SAI Silver or SAI Gold.

Who is FSA verification for?

This program supports food and drink companies, as well as farmers, throughout the whole food and drink value chain with the aim of moving towards sustainable production of agricultural products.


The FSA program delivers benefits across the board, it:

  • Supports and improves the sustainability of production throughout the supply chain
  • Improves long term economic prospects
  • Enables companies to meet client requirements on social and environmental criteria

SGS FSA products and services

Our agriculture experts offer a range of services to support the SAI FSA program, including:

  • Verification audits, in accordance with the FSA program
  • Conduct of farm level self-assessments
  • Workshops and training on the FSA program (e.g. gap-analysis, status quo assessment, Good Agricultural Practice, etc.)
  • Implementation support
  • Audits in accordance with benchmarked standards (REDcert, REDcert2, ISCC EU, ISCC PLUS, GLOBALG.A.P. etc.)

Why choose SGS?

We are accredited worldwide for SAI FSA program verification and have expertise on FSA verification audits for various agricultural products. We are also accredited by many of the schemes benchmarked against FSA.

With a worldwide network of auditors and experts to support FSA program implementation on farm level and company level, we offer support beyond verification audits to help stakeholders understand and adopt the FSA program and sustainable agricultural practices.

Contact SGS to find out how our SAI Farm Sustainability Assessments services can support your business.