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Animal feed testing services from SGS help to keep animals healthy, while ensuring that suppliers, manufacturers and users of animal feed remain compliant with national and international regulations.

FSMA food safety

If you’re involved in the supply chain for aquaculture, poultry, swine and livestock feed, you need to know that the right nutrients are included in the right quantities. It’s also vital that the feed does not exceed the maximum allowed amounts of mycotoxins, veterinary drugs, pesticides and other chemical contaminants.

Animals that eat nutrient-poor or mycotoxin-high feed will not grow properly and will produce lower-than-normal levels of milk and fewer eggs. The animals are also likely to become ill and could even die – which also happens when there are excessive pesticides levels and chemical contaminants present.

If the level of veterinary drugs is too low, they will not work effectively. If it is too high, there will be unacceptable traces in the milk, eggs and other food destined for human consumption. Consumers need to be sure that their food has passed all of the appropriate tests for contamination.

Our accredited testing laboratories are easily accessible, and service a large number of animal and aquaculture feed manufacturers and farming operations. The comprehensive animal feed inspection, analysis and testing service of SGS ensures your organization does not endanger the health of animals or humans. This means that our service also helps minimize your risk of non-compliance, negative publicity, and legal redress.

Contact SGS to find out how your business can benefit from our animal and aquaculture feed testing service.