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FSMA food and feed testing from SGS – comply with all FSMA requirements for feed and food testing and verification.

FSMA food safety

The US Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requires food safety systems to include microbiological testing and verification to demonstrate that food is produced and stored in a safe environment and preventive controls are functioning as expected. Specific programs have specific testing requirements. These include:

  • Environmental testing, for ready to eat products
  • Allergen verification testing
  • Ground and surface water testing for E. coli, at farm level
  • Finished product testing to ensure legal compliance

We can help you to comply with the FSMA’s requirements for environmental monitoring and allergen, water, food and feed product testing and verification.

Why choose FSMA food and feed testing from SGS?

Our testing and verification services will help you meet FSMA requirements by ensuring that:

  • Your untreated surface or ground water complies with regulations regarding E. coli
  • Your allergen management program is functioning as designed, with no undeclared allergens contaminating your products or processing environments
  • Your cleaning and sanitizing programs prevent pathogen intrusion
  • Your finished products comply with applicable regulatory requirements, and their ingredients have not been subjected to food or feed fraud

We use both classical reference methods and equivalent rapid methods to test for E. coli and detect the widest range of pathogens. We use Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) to verify the presence of allergens and the authenticity of food ingredients. Through our worldwide network of state-of-the-art food and feed laboratories, we provide thousands of tests to ensure that your finished products comply with US regulations. Our experts will work with your personnel to ensure they understand FSMA testing requirements.

Trusted testing services from a world leading supplier

As a leading global supplier of services for the agriculture and food industry, we offer solutions to help you protect your brand, build consumer trust and make your business more sustainable.

Contact us today to learn more about our FSMA food and feed testing services.